"So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead."
James 2:17

Preparing for Winter
November 2003

Dear Friends,

This year's greetings come once again from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The past year was one of adjustment and challenge for the St. David's organization. Many changes occur when an organization's management transfers to another country. Firstly, you learn that America does not have the exclusive on red tape. Bosnia-Herzegovina not only has many rules and laws concerning humanitarian relief, but the rules and laws are ever changing. If not for the in-country experience of our sister organization, Medjugorje-Mir, we would remain covered in piles of governmental documentation. The association with Medjugorje-Mir streamlines every project and cuts the cost of delivering humanitarian services throughout the region.

During 2003, we focused on community-based projects as well as continuing to provide humanitarian supplies from the United States. St. David's can best assist the broader population within Bosnia-Herzegovina by sponsoring projects that affect a community as a whole.

St. David's accomplished two such projects this past year. The Light A House program delivered electricity to a village that had been without power since the early 1990s. The construction of the power main enabled 25 families and one business to connect to the power grid. This endeavor not only benefits those who receive power now, but also those who will return to their homes in the future. The entire community benefits from the project. Another example is the reconstruction of a community school. With the help of 32 American volunteers, St. David's has transformed a run-down primary school into a learning institution that any parent would be proud to have their children attend. Today, 440 students and 33 teachers benefit from the project and countless others will do so in the future. The area is strengthened through this community-based initiative.

St. David's prays we can carry this momentum into 2004. Already we have targeted another school in desperate need of repair. In fact, the school was completely destroyed during the war. Together, with your support, we can improve the lives of those less fortunate.

May God bless you and your families,

Jeff Reed

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