"So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead."
James 2:17

Electrical Lines for Dobretici
School Renovation
Food Supply Warehouse
Church Renovation


The 19 small villages of Dobretici were on the front lines of the war that tore through Bosnia-Herzegovina. Today, many wish to return to their native homes and rebuild their lives and community.

The Light A House project provides electrical power to this area, which has been without electricity since 1993. St. David's teamed with the government of Holland and brought power to 25 homes and one business. This newly constructed power line will be incentive for other families along the new power grid to return to their community. Additional businesses will also now have access to electricity.

The program is an example of how a community project can have an immediate impact upon the existing disadvantaged, as well as provide an asset for the future development of the area.


For more than a decade, St. David's has felt the call to supply baby food and juice to the babies of Bosnia-Herzegovina. In 2002, an additional 80 tons were delivered. In the name of the many mothers and institutions that have received this gift, we thank all that have continued to support St. David's and this project.

2003 marked our 11th year of providing baby food and juice to the children of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The food is distributed through a community children's center and our warehouse. Providing food for babies is our longest running project.

Babies and young children have a limited diet that restricts what is available for their consumption. This project has fed thousands of needy children over the years. St. David's delivered an additional 60 tons of baby food during 2003. The program not only addresses the nourishment requirement of the young but brings abundant comfort to their mothers as well.


For returning refugees, the needy and institutions, St. David's was able to purchase and distribute 168 new refrigerators in 2002. This very special donation enabled those who received them to add another touch of normalcy back to their lives.

In 2004, 427 new refrigerators were delivered to needy families, hospitals, and public institutions that aid the poor.

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