"So it is with faith: if it is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead."
James 2:17

Work Camp
Rooftop Workers


A total of 1.6 million persons uprooted during the 1991-1995 conflict remain in need of durable solutions. Within Bosnia, 820,000 persons remain displaced from their pre-conflict homes. Many would return if they literally had a "roof over their heads".

The Roofs Across Bosnia program is a self-help project enabling displaced families the opportunity to begin rebuilding their lives. St. David's is able to deliver complete roofing packages to families in Bosnia for $600-$700. They, in turn, organize the labor within their community to apply the roof. Once completed, families return home and are no longer refugees.

In 1998 alone, St. David's shipped 55,000 sq. ft. of roofing packages. This equates into coverage of 36-45 family homes. Quoting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), "Financial constraints due to the anticipated shortfall of funding in 1998 have affected UNHCR's operational plans and several projects have been canceled, including those related to shelter".


Young children require balanced nutrition. Their health and future development depends upon the availability of food they can properly digest. Caring for children in adverse conditions is a formidable task.

St. David's understands if a child is full and content, its mother is less challenged. Since 1995, nearly 1,000 tons of baby food and juice have been delivered. The food is packaged in 4-8 oz. containers, which is perfect for community distribution. This is an important feeding program that we will continue in 2001.


St. David's has delivered truckloads of school desks and chairs. Thanks to our donors, a school received a computer, printer, VCR, and TV equipment. Additionally, thousands of new shoes have been distributed.


With unemployment levels at 50% and average wages of $200 a month, most people cannot afford life's necessities.

As the opportunity arises, St. David's ships only first quality supplies to our warehouses in Bosnia-Herzegovina and distribute to those in need. Household items are procured at substantial discounts. Examples include kitchen cabinets, ceramic dishes, building insulation, and children's furniture. In addition, we have delivered detergent, body soap and lotion.


When St. David's planned its Work Camp in 1998, our goal was ROOFS; as many roofs as could be constructed in a week. While our group of 40 did finish 8 roofing projects, the roofs were overshadowed by the abounding blessings bestowed upon the Work Camp volunteers and the villagers.

Firstly, the transfer of knowledge flowed in both directions. The villagers now have a better understanding of installation procedures for the roofing package. Equipped with this knowledge, they can assist their neighbors and adjoining communities with the project. The volunteers now have a deeper awareness of the people of Bosnia and a renewed appreciation of their own blessings.

From Work Camp sprang the idea to sponsor young men and women who are strongly considering the religious life. There is something special about working with the needy in a foreign environment. Selfless giving opens areas of the heart and mind that can remain closed in ones normal day to day life.

Work Camp 98 also confirmed the decision to continue future work projects involving our donors.


St. David's has elected to assist a growing community with the establishment of a major water project. Destroyed during the war and primitive at best, the old system is inoperable.

The proposed system includes a main water pumping station and an emergency pump station. The pumps will be connected to a new underground pipeline system connecting homes in the village.


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